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Our History

     For four known generations the Howles family has collected, boiled, and bottled Maple syrup. Howles Maple Farm is currently owned and operated by Jason Howles and his father Donald Howles in Guys Mills Pennsylvania. Previously, Donald’s father Jim Howles made maple syrup in Venango Pennsylvania, only 12 miles from the current location. He learned to make the syrup from his father and mother as well, and still helps out with the current production as much as he can. With only a small operation and homemade equipment, Jason learned as just a young boy from his father about the process of maple production. Together, they sold small quantities to family, friends, and neighbors.

     The process of collecting the sap and boiling it down to a syrup consistency took days and became tiresome. Eventually after many years of hard work, the Howles Maple Farm gained such popularity and demand that they were able to purchase an evaporator, which enabled them to vastly speed the production of the syrup.

     From there the business evolved into what it is today. Although the techniques involved in making maple syrup have evolved over the years, Jason and Donald continue to carry on fantastic quality and pride themselves in their great Maple Products.

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